In pursuit of scapegoats… I mean, Justice.

From the title alone, you probably have an idea where this is headed.

But to spare some the headache,think along these lines…old McDonald had a farm.On that farm he had six goats. The goats on this farm did not bleat, they cried foul.Here,there…everywhere.  Are you there yet?

The reason these goats ‘cried’ so much was because there was a terrible storm that wrecked havoc at the farm. As fate would have it,fingers were pointed and the goats cast away..banished. A sacrifice, most would say. Because the storm to them was a curse. Unexpected,unacceptable…someone had to pay. No, the land had to be cleansed. Three were sent off to the wilderness and the other three slotted for slaughter. You get my drift now, yeah?

I see you shaking your head so to drive the point home, I’m talking ICC. The Kenyan case. Or is it the case against three Kenyans? Mine is not to question the innocence or otherwise of the so called suspects mentioned in it. Or whether the case should be heard in Kenya or at the Hague.

I question the motive behind the entire process from the outset. Is it a quest for Justice or an attempt to bring to quick rest a rather dark,ugly past by painting the faces of the ‘monsters’ to whom we would then easily transfer the evils that took place in 2007-2008 and cast them away hoping for the atonement of our sins as a nation. The merits of the case are yet to be looked into in depth but i can’t help but wonder whether we, in our quest for Justice are committing a grave injustice on a few just to save our conscience. Cleanse our land.

Again, if it is indeed Justice that we seek, are three the only people to blame for what happened? The killing of thousands, maiming,psychological and emotional torture that the victims experienced.What of the actual perpetrators of heinous crimes against humanity? How many of those do we have behind bars? We can blame it on the broken system if none have been caught. But if memory serves me right, it took the intervention of foreigners to bring this country to calm. It wasn’t really on our own free will. If it were, the violence wouldn’t have erupted in the first instance. We who sat back and watched in silence are also to blame. Had we raised our voices, shunned the atrocities…i would not be writing about the goats on old McDonald’s farm. Shouldn’t we also have a price to pay? Isn’t that ultimately Justice served? You wouldn’t agree. Not while the ‘fall guys’ are alive.

My two cents. 🙂


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