When The Living Dig Their Own Graves.

The Intrigues of life. I would love to write a book on that someday. Perhaps after I find a permanent cure to the recurring bouts of writer’s block I have been suffering from lately. Or  find a fresh and long-lasting source of inspiration.  Set out on a treacherous quest to find a muse, my muse. I digress. The intrigues of life…sometimes bad things happen to good people, good things happen for bad people and other times, everyone gets what they deserve. Interesting. Almost as interesting as fortune knocking only once on every man’s door while misfortune overstays its welcome.

Although seldom, golden opportunities present themselves at one point or another in our lives. They don’t always ask  if you’re ready to take up the challenge. It’s assumed that you are. You should be. The Irony. That you should bear no uncertainty about taking up an uncertainty…a  mere opportunity that has no guarantees.

Worse, we do not even create a conducive environment for these great opportunities to present themselves. We’re stuck so deep in mediocrity that our every morning routine is to convince ourselves that we’ve done the best we can so far with our lives. Well, have we? Have you? Or has life so far been a grave digging experience with the only progress made perhaps being from using a shovel to a backhoe?

I never write motivational pieces and this is hardly an attempt. But I was challenged recently by someone who dared me to be different. At first it made no sense because like everyone else,I am different from everyone else. It got me thinking, great things don’t happen to us mostly because we don’t let them. How?

1. Living a life guided by fear

Too afraid to try and be wrong. I’ll admit, the world is not too forgiving about anyone being wrong. Ask Nick Mutuma. Even when you being wrong is a perception the world has all wrong. Regardless, we should be quick to realize that there’s no such thing as bad publicity. You could very well be the famous_ misguided, overzealous blogger who later got her act right and now has better content in her writing which the world craves for daily. Lqtm. At the risk of sounding cliché, Thomas Edison would never have invented the light bulb if he was too afraid to try and be wrong. Remember that before you settle in the warmth of your cocoon.


You have a deadline for a project that could potentially change the entire course of your life but interestingly catching up on the latest episodes of Game of Thrones or turning up with friends seems more appealing. You tell yourself that you’re a smart pea in pod that cracks open best, when under pressure. The pod will burst open alright, but the pea won’t be as green as you’d want it. Opportunities like time wait for no man. While you’re out there giving your sloppy results someone else is giving more than was required.

3.Comparision with others

It doesn’t help that we live in an age where we’re all about sharing our lives with strangers and friends equally on social media. The beauty of it all being that we’re allowed to be biased in our sharing. Say for instance I was feeling lonely and vulnerable, or I earn peanuts from my 8-5 job..you’ll never know because my photos on instagram of me and my friends partying like it’s the end of the world (I may or may not have quoted a song here, but yours is to stay on point, not judge) at every out-of-town event do not give me away. So there you are feeling miserably sorry for yourself when in real sense, I have it worse. You might also want to read this for some deeper insights on the same

4.Fixating on the past.

A classic upgrade from using shovel to using a backhoe and still digging your own grave. So what, chances were missed before?! Dwelling on past failures keep us from moving forward towards future successes. I’m not saying forget the past entirely but learn from those lost chances and prepare yourself well enough not to lose out on those that are forthcoming. Misfortunes can be overwhelming and sometimes the only line between getting through them and drowning yourself into a pitiful pool of vodka is the resolve to let go and move forward.

As Albert Einstein rightfully puts it, “Great spirits have always encountered
violent opposition from mediocre minds.” Free
yourself from the rule of ordinariness and unearth your full potential instead of burying it. For purposes of consistency, that being my lame excuse for having thought of 4 ways you’re digging your own grave and missing out on golden opportunities that life has to offer ..I will leave it at that.


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