Of Fortunate Accidents.


Here’s something I’m certain my mother wouldn’t be proud of but I can’t keep mum over it any longer. In the past week, I have had some rather meaningful and decent conversations with two complete strangers. One on my walk to work in the morning, (Yes, I have been elevated to walking-working class now and I’m loving it!) and the other on my bus ride home. (Sometimes I pay to be driven home by complete strangers. Boss Lady.) For those of you giving me the odd looks, I’ll have you know that they didn’t hand out any sweets laced with drugs, neither were they psycho, jilted lovers now turned into serial killers hunting for a look-alike of their once one true love. Just two seemingly decent guys (good-looking I should add) looking to strike a conversation and beat the lonely silence we’re often faced with.

My first response to both of them was a forced fake smile in the hope that they’d realize I’m not into it. Besides, they were both quite charming and I felt their efforts deserved a little more than my usual blank look coupled with silence. It would also have been utterly rude to just walk away or change seats. But when they persisted I was forced to ask whether face to face stranger-talk had made a comeback in the 21st century while I was busy reveling in my ‘grand’ achievements.  It could be I’m the only one here who finds it peculiar that someone would master up the courage, walk up to you and join you in minding your business. Well, my two stranger-friends (I have no other term for them really) thought nothing odd of their approach.

“The universe has to be sending me a message,” I thought. Either, one, I have to stop looking dejected and lonely on my way to and from work. Two, my new official dress code is really working for me and therefore I should invest heavily in that sector (That should make a good case for a raise, don’t you think?). Three, I really have no friends because I have a lousy personality and it’s about time that changed. Four, this is how I’m bound to meet my significant other and meeting my two stranger- friends  was a practice run so that I won’t mess up the real deal. Five, serendipity.

It would be somehow naive to assume the two had no ulterior motive in chatting up a girl like me, that they weren’t secretly hoping I’d somehow buy their charm, dish out my number and call whatever happens next magic. Interestingly, neither of them did. It seemed like they both only meant to strike conversation and make my day (which they did). That’s the only reason I’m selling because the alternative would be that my hard-to-get game is so on point that they both couldn’t get to asking for my phone number. Something I wouldn’t be so proud of. I mean, age will eventually catch up and eggs will begin to shrivel.

So then I was left puzzled.  I am known to think too much and far about the most trivial of matters and as such, my grey matter would not let these two incidents pass by just so casually. The things that stood out the most for me were:

  1. That either, all the psychos have been locked up in mental institutions. Two, they’re all out there driving and have no need to walk or ride the bus. (That would really explain the madness on some of our roads) Three, I am yet to meet the perfect psychotic stranger therefore this post is a waste of my time.
  2. That a stranger could possibly be the closest you’ll come to a smile and a hearty laugh. That you never have enough friends in the world. There’s always room for more.
  3. There are still guys out there are full of charm and confidence. Not the macho, chest-thumping, bloated ego type, no. Suave, calm and decent which is attractive. (I think, because it’s rare?)
  4. That offering bottle service to a group of lasses at a night club; double-tapping that photo on Instagram she clearly made an effort to look good in; retweeting her posts however lame and recycled they may be; commenting on any of her photos wherever they may be, isn’t the only way to catch a woman’s attention.
  5. That you don’t have to pay to meet new people. Except if you’re taking a matatu in which case the cost is really negligible unless you’re using a route that bears a “Karibu Nairobi/ Come back soon” sign board. The streets offer you the platform to meet people and it’s absolutely free! The only price you pay is to look approachable. (Yeah, the only absolutely free thing I know is the ride around the sun all year)
  6. That, women out there looking to meet good-looking, charming and decent guys probably have to work on looking good, approachable but somehow still managing to look lonely and dejected. Perhaps the dame in distress look really works. And if you’re open to online dating you shouldn’t find feigning that look too hard to try. We’re all about faking it anyway.

I could go on, but the loyal readers here know I barely make it past 4. I’m looking forward to meeting my two stranger-friends in the coming week. Hopefully, they I won’t be wearing the same outfits they saw me in. And to save face, I promise I won’t go deliberately looking for them. I’ll leave all to chance.

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