I was a leaf.

A leaf so green and full of life.

I grew on a tree.

A tree so tall, it felt like one day I would touch the sky.


I was a happy leaf.

A leaf so happy, I played to the tune of the winds.

This way, that way, whichever way.

Oh joy untold, it felt like I was high up in the sky.


You were the sun.

A sun so bright, you would bring light into me.

Oh how you shone! Oh how the light fell on me!

A light so warm, I wanted to shout it out loud to the sky.


You were a scorching sun.

A sun so hot, you drained the water out of me.

Oh how you burned and left me with scars.

Scars so yellow, I longed for water from clouds in the sky.


I was a weak leaf.

A leaf so weak, I tumbled when the winds blew.

Oh how I tumbled, rumbled and stumbled on the ground.

A ground so low, I could no longer touch the sky.


There was a wind.

A wind so strong, it blew me off the ground.

Oh how it blew! Whish whoosh, and flew me up in the air.

Now I am a leaf, a leaf flying high up in the sky.


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